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Drunken Moments consists of group of people in a single room filled with boxes full of dope gear with a keg sitting in the middle like a drunken prophet begging us to drink. We encircle this keg daily like the Wu-Tang Clan encircles the mic in the recording studio. Instead of spitting hot fire we just drink and spray dope ideas that will eventually become another piece of our Drunken gear. All of our gear is finely tuned by a local print shop that turns our drunken ideas into a freshly brewed reality. We want Drunken Moments to not only be about our own DM's but yours as well! If you ever have any suggestions, comments, criticisms, drunken ideas or just want to talk about how you did 15 beer bongs last night and woke up next to a goat contact us at You can also contact us on facebook and twitter. Links to both these are available at

We would like to take this time to thank the following:

Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Count Chocula, Denny's from 3-9am, beirut, 30 packs, beer bongs, energy drinks (awesome for hangovers), ebay, reebok pumps, really tight tank tops, the 80's, douchebags, 7th North Street, SUNY Brockport, Valparaiso University, OCC, naked mannequins, godfather's pizza, hess express, the great new york state fair, jonas brothers, taylor swift, hanes her way, ramen noodles, easy mac, jagermeister, beardo weirdo, big buck hunter, rumpleminze, long island ice teas, wild turkey, jim beam, jameson, the ORIGINAL floating beer pong called Sally, aurora borealis, broken lizard, q-tips, basement geckos, cheeze-its (get your own damn box), syracuse basketball, baldwinsville high school, the bee gees, volbeat, joey lawrence, ernie hudson of ghostbusters fame, lindsay lohan's "drinking problem", 804 brown street, spring break, 40 ounces, power hours, thongs, meal cards, haggard, cky, jelly, peanut butter, the cool kids, pac div, in flames, dimmu borgir, lordi, machine head, chinese buffets, FUPA's, camel toes, moose knuckles, half penny pub, fanny packs, side pony tails, march madness, mullets, rat tails, flat brim hats, deodorant, febreze, boone's farms, horror movies, jamie lee curtis, steve guttenberg, richard james york, short circuit, goonies, danny tanner, howard stern, olsen twins before they were 18, ice luges, my little pony, teddy ruxpin, rumpleforeskin, glow worms, crystal pepsi, grammas, other people's moms, naughty by nature, the bumblebee, fraggle rock, the jetsons, girl's with sleeve tattoos, entourage, hung, venus williams ( but not serena), ugg boots, crocs, tim tebow ( he's a humanitarian. he cuts foreskin!), cyndi lauper, condoms, blue ray, nintendo wii, xbox 360 live, the ten commandments (they are fun to break), the fast and the furious, tampons, deli meat, wheat bread, blizzards at dairy & fries, tully's, keyboard cat, the 3 wolves t-shirt, oxygen, my two dads, cousins, the color blue, multiplication tables, 8th grade english, ms cassidy my 2nd grade teacher, leap frog, neverending lists and
the guy upstairs...he's always coming down and telling us how drunk we were the night before.